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You will receive the latest housing offers realtime, so you can react quickly.


Then your buying- or selling coach is always on hand.

Realtime new offers

You will receive the latest housing offers realtime, even before publication on the well-known housing sites.

Homedating, a unique concept

Go on a date with your house! A quick way to see who is after a house like yours. You can contact potential buyers before houses come onto the market.

Your buying coach is always on hand

Your buying coach knows the housing market like no other and will advise about suitable houses and the right price. That way you won't pay over the odds and prevent any nasty surprises.

Your mortgage advisor, buying- or selling coach is always within easy reach.

With MijnHuiszaken you are always only one click away from your buying- or selling coach and mortgage advisor since you all work together in the same online environment.

That way you get all the help you need in finding your dream home, but also with the next steps of buying or selling and taking out a mortgage.

New offers realtime

Through MijnHuiszaken you can search the complete Dutch housing database of current offers. As soon as an estate agent publishes a house, you can find it back in your MijnHuiszaken account. Well before this is published on the well-known housing sites. You decide yourself, how often you would like to receive new offers by mail.

Mark houses as favourites and receive extra alerts, for example when the price or availability changes, or when new photos are published.


With Homedating, buyers and sellers are brought together, before houses are being put onto the market. When you are searching, you can inform owners that you are looking and what exactly you are looking for. Home owners can then contact the searchers. And who knows? You could become a match!

Selling your house

Work together with your buying- or selling coach and mortgage advisor and share documents back and forth online. Fill in the necessary forms and questionnaires digitally. Once you release them, your selling coach will receive them automatically, so no hassle of mailing back and forth and much safer!

Calculate your maximum mortgage

Before you start looking for a house, it's a good idea to know how much you can actually borrow.

With MijnHuiszaken, you can calculate how much mortgage you can get and what the monthly repayments will be. Then you can start searching accordingly.

About MijnHuiszaken

MijnHuiszaken is a personalised, online searching system for houses. Here you'll find your new home quickly and easily. Based on your requirements, we will inform you real time, about the latest offers. That way you are right on top of it all and jump into action straight away. 

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